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An Arts Celebration
Loving our community
The Family Friendly Festival

Children's Art Competition


Photograph by Jemma Watts

All young people living in Ufford or nearby are invited to take part in our art competition which is seen as an important element of the Arts Festival.


Artworks will be split into two age groups: 3-9 and 10-16, with 3 entries per person allowed. The Festival's theme is "The Senses" and ideally the entries should reflect this.


Any type of work can be submitted such as drawing, coloured pencil, painting, photography, collage, sculpture, beadwork, or textile etc. The only conditions are   that the artworks needs to be capable of being displayed (either ready to hang or to stand on a table) at the Art Exhibition in the Parish Hall for the duration of the Festival.

Please deliver your entry to Jane Cochrane, Willow Barn, East Lane, Ufford, or,  01394 420711 before 12th May 2023 or take them to the Parish Hall, Church Lane on Friday 12th May by 12:00.

Please ensure the artwork has the following information attached to it (on the back or underneath): Name of the entrant, Age, title of artwork, address or telephone/email.

Prizes will include a selection of art materials sponsored by local artist Jane Cochrane.

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