Artist's in Residence
Bus Stop Galleries

One of the festival's aims has been to support up-and-coming artists and this year we have found a fun way of doing this. For the duration of the festival, we have offered Artist's Residencies to some rising stars from Suffolk One.

A first Artist's Residency is a big step in any artist's career so please take the time to visit the 3 bus shelters along the High Street and enjoy engaging with each of the artists and view their work.

Creativity takes courage!

Henri Matisse

Evie Doris Abbott

I am an aspiring young artist from Suffolk, my work mainly focuses on identity, relationships, and emotions which are essentially all intertwined and have fascinated me ever since I was little.
My previous project which was a family tree quilt focused on my maternal heritage, which not only reflected history but also reflects the creative gene that has been past down from older generations. 

However, although this project still has its family links, with my Grandpop being an avid poet himself, it is much more personal. It is primarily about my experience of being a teenage girl, including the everyday mundane of sitting waiting at a bus stop, to the highs and lows of relationships as well as living through covid. I also plan to incorporate my textile background by creating a soft sculpture to include in the exhibition, to emphasize further my intention behind it, which is ultimately to reflect the reality of being a teenage girl in the 21st century.


Also, I am currently thinking about pursuing fine arts at university with the intention to go into community arts or perhaps teaching


I cannot wait to be part of this amazing festival and am really looking forward to be able to share my work with you all"

Here are a few snippets of Evie's work. She will be situated at the Byng Hall Road Bus Shelter. Do call by to take a closer look at her powerful poetry and textiles

Screenshot 2022-08-28 at 16.51.56.png
Evie 1.png
Screenshot 2022-08-28 at 16.33.54.png
Evie 2.png
Matt Cooper
aka Newmodelmilitia

Matt Cooper (aka Newmodelmilitia) is a young artist from Ipswich. His work encompasses multiple sectors, including illustration and graphic design, with a common theme of mental health and the struggle between corporate and human identity.

The Family Friendly Festival


Matt can be found online @newmodelmilitia on Instagram, and at