Cooking, Baking, and Brewing

honey pots

Sometimes it’s not our own creation we celebrate but how we helped another being to create.  The warm summer was perfect for my bees who loved all the green alkanet I have left unweeded around the garden, and who produced lots of honey.

Tig Thomas

Lockdown Memories

Sourdough this morning, we seem to be getting pretty good at it now though outcome largely depends on timings of nappy changes ...

Tamsin Anderson

It's marmalade season once more. We managed to buy some Seville oranges from the greengrocer in Melton.  Lovely orangey, oranges!

Mum made some too but mine set so much better than hers! She was bit miffed to say the least. Hope we've left some Seville oranges for others - it seems there's a shortage, probably because a lot of families are pulling up their sleeves and getting stuck into jam and marmalade making due to the lockdown.

Simon Greenard.

Billy The Fish
Skate & Capers
Herb & Lemon Stuffed Trout
Billy and his Van

Sole Food

We always knew 'Billy The Fish' stopped in the village but until lockdown we never knew what day or where!  In the first lockdown we found out and our lockdown 'Fishy' suppers became the highlight of our week. Images are Skate Wing with butter and capers, Herb and Lemon Stuffed Trout, Shellfish and Kedgeree.

Michelle Clover