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Children's Story Time

At 12:00 on Saturday 17th, September – our spellbinding storyteller Shane Ibbs returns to weave his magic!


Shane mesmerized children and adults alike in 2018!

In Shane's words:

"We learn to speak before we learn to read or write, Oral Storytelling deepens a child’s knowledge and understanding of how words can be used to describe all manner of things. A child’s mind is activated in a different way when listening to Oral Storytelling, it fires the imagination in children. Coupled with a structured storyline, increases the understanding of story structure, for children. It increases their understanding of how a story narrative works. It has been proven beyond doubt, that it also helps children in many key developmental areas such as; listening skills, increased attention span, increased vocabulary and subtle language variation, rhythm and structure etc.  It increases a child’s confidence to use new words, both orally and written. It enhances narrative skills, plot development, story structure. It develops the children’s imagination beyond the ordinary and familiar. It also increases a child’s knowledge and understanding of other cultures. Oral Storytelling without a book is unique; it is an eye-to-eye, moment-to-moment, heart-to-heart experience. People are often amazed at how Oral Storytelling can hold the attention of children including those children with attention difficulties.  It is also highly entertaining and gives children a welcome break from their ‘normal’ curriculum"

Photo by Jemma Watts

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