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An Arts Celebration
Loving our community
The Family Friendly Festival

Craft Fair Exhibition, Demonstrations & Workshop

Ufford Community Hall

Lyn will be demonstrating at 11:30 on Saturday. Learn from an acknowledged expert!

Flower Arranging with Lyn Eatwell

 I have to confess to being a flower and plantaholic as long as I can remember.

Some of working life was as a florist and I learnt how to make flowers suitable for all occasions. 

When I came to Suffolk I joined a flower club and have continued to gain more knowledge about flower arranging as an art form. Along with that the garden is full of plants but I always find room for one more!


Willow Weaving with Janet Slattery  

l work for Growing Places, part of Realise Futures in Claydon, a company that works with vulnerable adults,  such as those with Autism, Down’s Syndrome, or Mental Health issues, and who are often disadvantaged in the labour market. 
My interest in willow weaving developed into an obsession and I now teach this at Growing Places. I am basically self taught but I have enrolled of various courses from willow sculptures, baskets and fencing.
I display my work at The Granary at Grange Farm in Hasketon and undertake commissions who like bespoke sculptures in their garden to give a vocal and focal pint.

Janet will be running a Willow Weaving workshop from 13:30 - 15:00 on Saturday 13th, come along and try your hand at this ancient artform.


Slow Stitching with Marion Barnes

Growing up Marion always has a needle in her hand and moved on from dressmaking to patchwork in the late 1970's.  Twenty or more years passed and many quilts later, Marion studied for City & Guilds Certificate and then Diploma. Her certificate work was selected for the C&G gallery at the Festival of Quilts in 2009.

Studying changed her outlook and she spent a few years making more experimental work and trying new techniques. Lockdown brought her full circle and she now enjoys dressmaking and quilt making again

NB: Marion's wonderful wall hangings will also be displayed at St Mary's Church throughout the festival

An Arts Celebration
Loving our community
The Family Friendly Festival

Pottery by Gilly & Pize Brigginshaw

Like many, we’d watched the pottery showdown on tv and wanted to ‘have a go’. 3 years ago we booked an induction session at a lovely pottery studio locally and our obsession started. It became our regular monthly therapy sessions to escape the day jobs in insurance and pump manufacture. One day we hope to give up the day jobs totally and become proper potters!

Gill & Pize will be doing an ongoing demo throughout the day on Saturday 13th, making pinch pots and other items.


Pottery by Angela Linforth

As a full-time journalist my work is very full on, so when I was editor of Homes & Antiques magazine, living in Bristol and inspired by the crafts and crafts people that we often featured, I started to learn pottery to relax.

Since we moved back to Ufford it has taken me a while to find a teacher, but now I’m happily working away on a wheel again in my spare time.

Angela's work will be on display during  Sunday 14th.

Silverwork by Andrea Wright

For as long as I can remember I have always had a strong creative urge. After graduating from Fine Art Printmaking BA at Winchester School of Art I embarked on my creative career path as part of a 5 strong team running The Beatrice Royal Art Gallery in Eastleigh Hampshire, alongside this I taught an after school Art club for 7 – 11 year olds.  It was while working at the gallery that I found myself increasingly drawn to the hand-crafted jewellery.


From the gallery I moved to Justice, a high-end jewellery boutique in Winchester. There I was surrounded by the work of the top 40 British jewellery designers. It was during this time that I completed a silversmithing course and started designing and creating my own collection of pieces. Incorporating the traditional print making techniques learnt during my degree.


I am passionate about designing and lovingly creating affordable wearable luxury jewellery. Design led, timeless and elegant collections with an edge.  My inspiration comes from travel and discovering and immersing myself in different cultures and the natural world around me.  I draw on my fine art printmaking background to add textures and surface pattern to my work, often in the form of monoprints transforming the jewellery into unique wearable works of art.


Woodwork with Mike Bewley-Pope
Towards the end of a professional career, I decided to return to something I had been interested in since schooldays; woodwork. With the encouragement of my wife, I took a course at Suffolk College in Advanced Furniture Construction. Unknowingly this was for students who had already been at the college full time for three years. It was deep-end treatment.

That was all many years ago and since then I have been making furniture, and smaller items, to my own design as well as taking private commissions.

My objective is to make things that are practical yet at the same time show the care and craftsmanship

which has gone into the making. Someone once said that craftmanship is the art of making the difficult look easy; like so many things in life it is easier said than done !

Mike's woodwork will be on display on Sunday 14th

The Family Friendly Festival

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