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St Mary's Parish Hall
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David Findley - A Ph.D in Chemistry doesn’t sound much like a qualification for becoming an artist! Following a busy corporate career, David picked up a paintbrush on a watercolour course in 2009 and moved on to oils and acrylics a year later at weekly group classes in Kent, painting subjects from seascapes to urban decay. 


Inspired by the varied landscape and big skies when he moved to Suffolk in 2018, David now concentrates on landscape paintings of subjects around Ufford and the East Anglian coast. He was surprised and proud to win "Best in Show” for his art entry at the recent Ufford Summer Show, following a moment’s inspiration to use natural materials to add texture to a painting of the River Aldecand the reedbeds at Snape.

Paula Hill - Lockdown was the perfect opportunity to reacquaint myself with art, having studied graphic design in the 80’s. This time around, I felt myself particularly drawn to portraiture. Much of my art has been focused on portraits, particularly well known celebrities in the music and film industry, along with creatives and historical figures. I largely work in acrylics in an expressive style and enjoy using a palette of bold colours to create strong, eye catching imagery.


Canda Atkinson grew up in the rural village of Lower Ufford in Suffolk, and aged 18 moved away to work in London for a famous interior design agency and then to Buckinghamshire for an international hotel business. Canda then moved to Guernsey in 1986 where she met and married the artist Stuart Atkinson.  


In 1995 she and Stuart (and three pet cats) returned to Suffolk to live in the area of her childhood and where she rekindled her childhood obsession with horses. She became interested in the Irish Draught breed, owning and competing an Irish Draught mare and eventually breeding from her.

Canda has always been a great animal lover, surrounded by numerous dogs, cats, chickens and horses. Although she has been a life-long sketcher of horses and despite having been heavily involved in her husband’s art career, she has only recently discovered her passion for drawing other animals and now mainly concentrates on dog portraits.


People comment on how Canda seems to reach the soul of her subjects and one client said “All of your pictures are truly superb but they have an extra special thing and I have just realised what it is - your deep and enduring love of animals shines through in every brushstroke - it is quite extraordinary, I salute you!” 

Commissions are welcomed, please call me to discuss . Find and Follow Canda on Facebook at Candafa

Prices and Commissioning Details from Mobile: 07795 346602 Studio: 01394 460721

Jan King - Photographer Jan King has, since Lockdown 1, created a remarkable series of albums with luscious photos, beautifully arranged and published. Browse a while and enjoy her creativity.

Jan has also kindly volunteered to be the festival's photographer - so you'll see her around the village creating another beautiful album

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Alex Ayliffe - Alex’s recent work draws upon the landscape as a source of inspiration - not in the traditional sense, but instead as an ‘inner landscape’ of emotion infused with a geographical landscape of boundaries, borders and connections.

After a career in book illustration Alex took a MA in Fine Art at Hertfordshire University. She now lives in Ufford and although continuing with some book illustration is enjoying spending most of her time painting.


Jane Cochrane - Light is everything to me – I love the fleeting magic that brings such drama and life to our vistas and landscapes.


When I lived on an island, I was fascinated by the impact that the water-laden atmosphere had on the quality of light. Differing levels of humidity would see the mainland appear closer or drift further away.


My work simply strives to capture that transient quality of light in a way that retains the vibrancy of my materials and engages my viewers.

Contact me via">, 07879 447140 or

Jane Lazenby - In 2019 I did a course with Seasons, my very first attempt at drawing and painting. We were able to try all materials and I have pretty much settled on acrylic.
In lockdown I ordered materials on-line and just tried to improve. I find that I do the odd piece which pleases me, along with ten which do not, but the peace and pleasure in trying is a joy.

Jane Famous - I have recently moved up from Bawdsey to Ufford. What a lovely village. So welcoming and artistic!

Where the Art all started: I moved to a Farm Building on the Bawdsey Manor Estate in 2010 having suffered a bit of a breakdown and much anxiety. I found a very special place and community.
Having never done any art before, I found myself wanting to adorn the house with my own art and photography work.

The community and the distraction of this project was enough to help with my healing. Some of the art work you see in this exhibition!I had no idea what I was doing but I love colour and found myself creating a form of I suppose mixed media - all be it very basic!

My photography is completely the opposite in that I am attracted to Black and White Street photography!
What can I say!!

Do enjoy the Festival! -
Contact: 07973 385440

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Since moving to Suffolk, I have made many friends through art at the Woodbridge Art Club and have been exhibiting some of my work at their seasonal exhibitions. I would describe myself as a ‘hobby artist”, mainly painting for fun, but I cannot deny how thrilling it is when someone loves your art enough to hang in their home.

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