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Home Schooling

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Heidi's Bug Hunting was a great success

Daisy Bell

Home Schooling

Lockdown homeschooling felt very much like a computer game, running between multiple children, winning points for submitting work to school, coming up with inspiring ideas but losing points for so many more things: losing passwords, failing to connect to zoom ballet, having to go back 3 levels because the baby needs a nappy change or has escaped and is heading for the pond. And the frequency of meals and snacks demanded, and they needed clean clothes and generally clean house. I've been thanking my lucky stars I'm no longer being a stressed out lawyer in the City, although I wistfully dream of my desk and hot coffee...

Tamsin Anderson

Eliza & Polly Forgiel's  - Home Schooling Album

About Home Schooling
Home schooling - tending the vegetable plot, gardening and grass cutting!
Home Schooling - learning about planting flowers
About Home Schooling 2
About Home Schooling 3
Polly's model of the life-cycle of a chicken
The life-cycle of a chicken by Polly Forgiel
Home Schooling - learning life skills such as washing up.
Home Schooling - learning to do things safely such as making a cup of tea. (Polly puts the kettle on
Home Schooling - participating in an online international concert
Home Schooling - violin lessons and exams

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In early January this year I heard about people collecting used laptops for schools from the IT manager at work and thought I’d check with Farlingaye if they needed any.  I was shocked to hear that they needed 30 extra laptops urgently for families with children either not able to access their lessons at all, sharing a laptop with a sibling and so missing many lessons or logging in just with a smart phone too small to show the detail and unable to download the homework.   

A friend had started collecting used computers so I set out to raise funds to buy new ones too, convinced we needed to do a lot and fast. This was a challenge that grew rapidly in size as we learnt that the primary schools also needed help.

Computers for Home-Schooling Appeal

  So we launched an appeal and people “got it” immediately and were incredibly generous – making donations, passing the message on and donating their old (and sometimes not so old) laptops. Then some of the local Councillors, the Rotarians, The Ufford Community Hall and a local family charity joined in.  

Within 3 weeks we had raised enough money to buy 98 new computers and 41 used computers had been donated.  That means 139 children in our local schools getting the education they deserve.  And with more laptops still being donated we are continuing to help. 

Tel: 07484 395 842                    Adam Thomas

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