Photography and Film

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I had lots of walks with my family where I sharpened my photography skills - Kit Thomas

Bawdsey Beach, Christmas Eve, 4pm by Tig Thomas

Bawdsey Beach, Christmas Eve, 4pm
 by Tig Thomas


Compelling landscapes ... 
slumbering beauty and wilderness of reed-fringed estuaries etching the landscape... 

Photographs by Scilla Dyke

It's a Ghost House!

During the summer, when we were living in quarantine, my family and I wrote a song called GHOST HOUSE. It was inspired by a game we played, where I was a monster and everyone else was trying to get away from me. We would always scream, "It's a ghost house." That was the whole game. And then we wrote the song, and Dan had the idea to make it into a music video.

We created homemade costumes. Leo as a mummy was wrapped in toilet paper - and he was also a black cat wearing Jo's black socks and beret. We collected mud from shingle street to make Yaya into a zombie, and we made mama's witch hat from black paper. As an amateur detective, I already had my outfit ready, and Dan wore his funeral suit as a vampire, and bought stick-on fangs from amazon. We used special effects when we did the filming to create the illusion of the monsters disappearing. Dan and Yaya also recorded the song in our living room with the help of a local friend - wearing a mask of course.

It was really fun making the music video. I hope you watch it soon. Thank you for reading this article about our video.

Jake (6)

Adam & The Moon

Last summer, to make some use of the strange situation we all found ourselves in, the novelist Luiza Sauma and I decided to collaborate on a short film. It was created under distancing, without crew or other resources - Luiza wrote it, and I directed and shot it. Ufford residents Daniel Metz and Janeena Atkinson starred in it and the composer Tim Goalen wrote the score. Though it was made with such limited resources and in such untraditional ways, we were pleased that it captured something both about the oddness of the moment and the local landscape. I hope it is a glimpse and a reminder of the beauty of spring and summer that are coming, when we can see friends and family once more. We are not able to share it fully yet, as we may enter it into some festivals or competitions which require it to be a premiere, but we will make it available for all via the usual Ufford channels as soon as we can. 

Joanna Coates