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under Lockdown by Ufford People

Sandy Greenard's Reflections

Throughout the Lockdowns

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Tally marks - counting the days of lockdown


Since the 23rd March, I have been working from home. When this started, I decided to white out one of my studio windows and use my finger to make tally marks and keep a record of time. Although this is a predictable exercise, the thought was that, I would start by not being able to see out of the window and gradually over the duration the window would change from translucent to increasingly transparent. Now at the end of our 45th week. It is looking like a ragged net curtain, which in itself would be a great idea to produce, particularly if we reach the bottom of the window. I sincerely hope that this won’t happen!

Simon Read

Exhibit Coming Soon!

Jan King photographed the front page of her newspaper throughout the lockdowns

 The selfie generation is rolling up its sleeves, caring, fixing, cooking,  cleaning, and adapting to new realities. This isn’t the future we chose but it’s the future that fate has handed us. It may yet be the making of us.                                    

Sandy Greenard

A baby looking at the horizon
Chalk drawing

 The family had felt hugely blessed to live in such an amazing place throughout lockdown. At times things got a bit much juggling homeschooling 3 kids, a kamikaze non napping toddler, a seriously ill child in hospital, and a house falling down around our ears. I found it therapeutic to express myself in the kids' pavement chalk.

My baby Imogen doesn't know what a wildly wonderful and exciting world there is out there.She has only met her grandparents a couple of times. She has started her life in such a strange way and I do wonder what the impact will be on her. 

Tamsin Anderson

My over-riding memory of lockdown 1 was how quiet everything was, except for the bird song which seemed extra loud. This just goes to show the level of background noise in our normal days.

We cycled along Loudham Lane to the bridge over the A12 and waited at least 5 minutes to see a car!



The Promise of Spring


When the earth is brown and the sky is grey,

And those Covid figures look worse each day,

Then I'll take a walk along Ufford's lanes,

To shake off the gloom and all the blame

Along the road, by the paths and woods,

Tis' winter and the Deben still has floods,

But from these paths and by the verge,

I start to see snowdrops and aconites emerge

I know that springtime is coming and dark winter will fade,

then anemones and bluebells will carpet the glade,

From the depths of lockdown and all this doom,

my spirits lift knowing that Spring will be with us soon.

David Findley aged 13¾!

Wood anenomes and bluebells by David Findley
Red Campion - David Findley
Crab apple blossom - David Findley
Ransoms wild garlic - David Findley
Snowdrops - David Findley
Early purple orchid - David Findley

All photos were taken in Ufford lanes, footpaths and woods during the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns

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