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The Family Friendly Festival

Prince Edwin's Vision

A Story Told by Andrew Barker

11:00 - 12:00 Sunday 14th May
St Mary's Church
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The story to be told in Ufford is centered on Edwin, an historical character who as a fugitive prince sought refuge at the court of King Raedwald in Rendlesham where he had a prophetical vision.  In the fullness of time he went on to fulfill the prophecy by becoming King of Northumbria, overlord of the island of Britain and to oversee the conversion of Northern England to Christianity.  He was helped on the way by an unlikely caste of characters including: Raedwald, a princess called Ethelburga, a future Archbishop of York and a pagan high priest!

Andrew Barker developed an interest in stories, especially those with historical or religious themes, while working as a history teacher and arranging visits to sites of interest  in Britain and abroad.  Now In semi-retirement, Andrew continues to pursue this interest in stories while also working part-time in and around East Anglia as a toastmaster and master of ceremonies at weddings and other functions.  He is  currently president of the Federation of Professional Toastmasters.

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