Story Time for Adults

Come and join us on Saturday,15th September in the Ufford Crown from 15:00 - 17:00 to hear Shane Ibbs, our professional story-teller, accompanied by Peter Hepworth. 

Oral Storytelling for Grown Ups. An ancient tradition, as old as humans. Stories did many things, spoken around a fire, they aided community cohesion, they passed on tribal information, culture, beliefs, and tradition. Stories can hold some or all of this, in metaphor and in symbolic code, at times of persecution. That greedy Giant just might be the government!

Ancient Myths attempt to explain the unexplainable, Folk stories carry tales, that can be humorous or offer a warning, they also carry history and traditions. Fairy tales (that have not had the Disney treatment) are increasingly being seen as highly complex narratives. Shane will share some of his stories, some are humorous, some will challenge you normal thinking, some may change how you view something. What is certain is that you will be entertained by live Oral Storytelling (no books).

Shane will be joined by Peter Hepworth, a well- known musician in Ufford, working together in a lively combination of sound and performance. 

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With grateful thanks to the Ufford Punch for sponsoring this event and to the Ufford Crown for hosting the event.