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Treasure Hunt

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The Great Ufford Treasure Hunt


The Festival Treasure Hunt leads the seekers from one hidden box to another; clues will take you roughly to the location of the hidden boxes – the final hunt for the box is up to your skill.  Each box contains a natural treasure from the Suffolk landscape to enjoy and explore, as well as a clue leading you to the next box. 


Every child is encouraged to take one item to keep from each box, and if they like, they can choose to add their own treasure to the final box.  If you haven’t come prepared with a natural treasure, perhaps you might pick something up along the way (a feather?  A snail shell?)


Many Ufford roads have no pavement.  Please take care when travelling down narrow roads with no pavement and keep children close to you. All the boxes are hidden in places that are traffic free or on pavements or borders.



The treasure hunt involves looking for boxes in hidden places; we have checked the course for dog mess, litter, and broken glass, as well as nettles and brambles.  However, please be careful.  If you would like a pair of latex gloves for the hunter to wear, ask the person handing out the treasure hunt sheets.


Where's The Route?

The route takes you past many of the popular festival events and exhibits - it's a great way to make sure you see everything! 

There is no timed element to the hunt, so feel free to stop and enjoy things along the way.  If the hunt takes you onto private land, you will be told this in the clue.  Otherwise, please respect people’s privacy.

How do I start?

The starting clue sheet can be collected from St Mary’s church hall, which is also the starting point.

Who can take part?

This is primarily designed for parents and children, although anyone is welcome to join in.  The main hunting element is based on observation, rather than puzzle solving, so it’s suitable even for very young children.  All children must be accompanied by an adult.

The Family Friendly Festival

Help! We're stuck!


Parents can pick up a help sheet which will give details of where exactly each box is hidden.  We think they are all easily findable, but if you get stuck, you can consult the help sheet.

Accessibilty Guidance - This traditional activity will take you all over the village, using a variety of routes and paths some of them unpaved and uneven. The course covers approximately one mile, with some slopes and grassy ground to negotiate. Please wear suitable footwear.

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