Walking and Exercise

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Oscar and Heidi branching out

and climbing trees

Daisy Bell

Kit's exhibition entry walking.jpg

We had plenty of walks around Ufford where I found myself becoming the family photographer

Kit Thomas

Keep on Running - by Gemma Cannon

The wonderful spring weather and quiet roads were perfect for running, and exploring by bike - in this case Rendlesham Forest. The other picture shows my lockdown 1 running tracks around the village 

Jane Cochrane

Winter walker, Tunstall.jpg
Winter Walker, Tunstall
- Gerard O'Donovan

A trick of perspective. It was snapped on my iPhone walking on Blaxall Heath side of Tunstall Forest last weekend.

Looking down into the trench the bracken seemed vast with the morning light on the frosted fronds picking out every detail and really bringing out the bronze against the greens and greys. Just one of those lovely moments begging for a quick pic.

Suffolk Scenes and Sights captured by Sandy Greenard and, son, Simon on their lockdown rambles

Walking – but we prefer swimming


How often do you hear how lucky we are to live where we do, in Ufford? I have lived in so many beautiful places, but here and now this is my favourite place to be. And not just me, but Esk and his BFF Milo too. Local walks are many and varied and as long as it has a stick or two or preferably water, we are the happiest we can be.  

The variety of local landscape, heath, water meadow, riverside, sea and woods combine to offer a playground of endless change and fun. With lockdown it is harder to reach the more remote places, or even have a walk without meeting others, but it is definitely the best anti-depressant in these difficult times.

Leann Giovnilli

Cycling in Rendlesham Forest