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As a technologist I've been predicting the rise of online teaching and video conferencing for over 40 years and have been continually dismayed at the resistance to what appeared to be a "no-brainer". Then lockdown happened and universities, businesses and even the Government managed it within a week - Hallelujah!


As a professor at a number of universities, I'm now spending a lot of my day lecturing or advising PhD students online. My only problem now is coping with all the different platforms - Zoom, Skype, Teams, Virtual Classroom.

Peter Cochrane

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WFH & Support Bubbles


My son Simon popped in to see me on the 23rd March 2020 and still hasn’t left! He commandeered my office for his important work tasks whilst Working From Home and I was relegated to a shelf in the kitchen! 

Sandy Greenard

Teacher David Chadwick - working from home

School teacher David Chadwick

It has been very strange, and at times rather unsettling to be a primary school teacher over the last year. With very little warning we shut the school down, prepared weekly remote learning tasks and set up a rota to support and teach key worker children who were in school. On our return in September the children in my class showed amazing courage and resilience and through their and my determination and hard work we saw them almost catch up with where they should have been academically in a very short space of time (pats on the back all round!!). 

The progress they had made was sadly stalled again after Christmas. We had prepared classrooms and schemes of work, even though we had concerns for our own safety and then had to redo all our plans and switch to remote learning with 12 hours’ notice. Teachers are used to juggling and we are now teaching 'live lessons' through Google Classroom, planning and publishing our online learning tasks and supporting the mental well being of the children and their families. The thing I most miss is being in a classroom with my class and enjoying making their lessons engaging, thought provoking and challenging. It's been difficult to do this and monitor progress online but I like that the children are learning to make the best of it. I see their smiling faces during the lessons and (despite the odd tear) the work they share shows me I'm not doing too bad a job. The parents have been wonderful in supporting their children's learning despite having to balance their own work commitments and family life. We all look forward with great hope, alongside some sadness and reflection to whatever the new 'normal' will be but we will approach this with love, kindness and a greater appreciation of everyone around us!!

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Working from Home in lockdown in Ufford has produced four quarterly issues of This England, three and a half issues of Evergreen, an Annual, a Christmas magazine, half a travel magazine (currently in progress), two wall calendars and two diaries. There have been 10 flatplans, more than 500 Teams calls to colleagues in London and Dundee, Teams meetings, Teams presentations, three Teams birthday parties, a Teams retirement and one very distracting dog… Phew! 

Angela Linforth,  Editor of This England

Author and TV Critic Gerard O'Donovan mostly works from home which can lead to odd experiences in his breaks.
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